How We Determine A Lawn Mowing Estimate

At Lawn Fitness Inc., we offer quality lawn mowing estimates and services for both commercial and residential locations.

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Our services include an opportunity to discuss a year-round plan for all of your landscape care.

Here are some items to consider when requesting a cost estimate for lawn mowLawn Mowing Estimateing services:

  • Upgrade Exterior Appearance
  • Regularly Scheduled Lawn Mowing
  • Clearing Brush and Weeds
  • Precision Trimming After Mowing
  • Cleaning All the Walks and Driveway
  • Consistent Chemical Useage

Upgrade Exterior Appearance

 Your business’s landscape may be in need of an upgrade to professional lawn care to improve the exterior appearance. Or perhaps your residential property needs a more clean and crisp look to bring it up to meet neighborhood standards. Professional services can help create a new look for your property.

Regularly Scheduled Lawn Mowing

 Regularly scheduled lawn mowing keeps the yard looking good at all points in time. Cutting grass before it has time to overgrow keeps it looking sharp. A professional lawn mowing service is efficient and produces a finished final product that will be the envy of neighbors.

Clearing Brush and Weeds

Occasionally property shows neglect to the point of having large, tough to remove weeds and brush growing in the grass areas. These properties require additional effort to clean up the areas of previous oversight. Sometimes these situations need several visits to remedy the neglect that has been allowed over time. Good news is we are always able to improve the landscaping and make it look good.

Precision Trimming After Mowing

 To complete the final finished look after lawn mowing, it’s important to do a thorough job of trimming around walkways and any landscaping that does not allow the mower to get close enough. An expert neatly blends the mowed lawn to the trimmed edge. Trimming gives the professional finishing touch to a complete lawn mowing service.

Cleaning All the Walks and Driveway

 Upon completion of mowing and trimming it’s important for all the walks and driveway to be blown off to eliminate any remaining grass clippings. When the job is complete, this last step gives the property a look of precision that an experienced lawn mowing service wants to leave.

Consistent Chemical Usage

 Keeping grass thick and green with fertilizers and weeds at bay with weedkillers is a job for a knowledgeable professional. They will also know when to apply these and other chemicals such as pesticides and fungicides for the best results.

Call Lawn Fitness, Inc. at 816-454-8858 for your professional lawn mowing estimate

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