What Goes Into a Lawn Maintenance Estimate?

Here at Lawn Fitness, Inc. we provide a free lawn maintenance estimate before beginning any work at your property. Our goal is to make your property look great by listening to your wants and needs to formulate an overall plan.

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We know that your lawn will benefit from regular maintenance. Established in 1995, our team of lawn care experts provides first-class lawn care with excellent customer service. We’re proud to put our name on each property we service and make your satisfaction our top priority.

When you need to set up lawn maintenance in the Northern Kansas City area, then we hope you’ll take a look at our business. We can provide an estimate based on your individual lawn and needs.

You’re probably wondering what factors go into a lawn maintenance estimate. Here are a few factors which affect each estimate we provide:

  • Property Size and Shape
  • Services Required
  • Number of Site Visits
  • Timing of Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Estimate Factors 

* Property Size and Shape  In general, the larger your lawn, the longer that it will take to service. However, keep in mind that it’s impossible to apply the same price per square foot to all properties. We individualize estimates since some properties are more challenging to service. An open flat lawn, for example, will be easier to provide maintenance rather than a sloped or irregularly shaped lawn.

* Services Required   We work with all of our customers to develop a maintenance package that includes only the service your lawn needs. If you want our expert lawn care workers to take on most of your lawn care, we’ll work with you to develop a package that meets your needs and budget. The services you need will affect your estimate.

* Number of Site Visits  Although most lawn maintenance includes one visit per week, you may need more or less frequent service and we can adapt our service schedule to your preference. Less frequent services will usually have a lower estimate. It’s important to note that less frequent service will affect the appearance of your lawn.

* Timing of Maintenance  We always work with customers to fit our maintenance into their scheduling needs. Any early or late visits or other more specific time requests may come with an extra fee. We always try to meet scheduling requests within normal operating hours though without providing any additional costs.

* Condition of Your Landscape If your property needs a lot of work before we start providing maintenance, then we may need to make initial improvements before providing routine maintenance. There may be an initial cleanup fee depending on the condition of the lawn.

Additional Questions

If you have any questions about maintenance costs and estimates, reach out to us. You deserve to know the details up front and we work with each customer to provide a fair and accurate estimate before providing service.

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