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What Goes Into a Lawn Maintenance Estimate?

Here at Lawn Fitness, Inc. we provide a free lawn maintenance estimate before beginning any work at your property. Our goal is to make your property look great by listening to your wants and needs to formulate an overall plan. Give Lawn Fitness a call today so we can get started: 816-454-8858 We know that your lawn will benefit from regular maintenance. Established in 1995, our team of lawn care experts provides first-class lawn care with excellent customer service. We're proud to put our name on each property we service and make your satisfaction our top [...]

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Searching for a Great Lawn Service Company?

At Lawn Fitness, Inc. our mission is to provide the best lawn service company that includes great customer service to all of our clients. In the Northland area of Kansas City there are dozens of lawn service companies that will get the job done. Lawn Fitness will go above and beyond to actually provide quality service to our clients. Call Lawn Fitness today at: 816-454-8858 What to Look for in Choosing a Lawn Service Company It is never easy to choose which lawn service provider is the best. To find the best of the best, you [...]

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How We Determine A Lawn Mowing Estimate

At Lawn Fitness Inc., we offer quality lawn mowing estimates and services for both commercial and residential locations. Call Lawn Fitness, Inc. at 816-454-8858  for your professional lawn mowing estimate for desired services. Our services include an opportunity to discuss a year-round plan for all of your landscape care. Here are some items to consider when requesting a cost estimate for lawn mowing services: Upgrade Exterior Appearance Regularly Scheduled Lawn Mowing Clearing Brush and Weeds Precision Trimming After Mowing Cleaning All the Walks and Driveway Consistent Chemical Useage Upgrade Exterior Appearance  Your business’s landscape may be in [...]

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Top 5 Reasons for a Lawn Care Estimate

At Lawn Fitness, Inc. we want your lawn to look fabulous year-round to increase the value of your business or personal property. Our expert consultation and lawn care estimate will help you understand what is needed to make your lawn look its best. Call Lawn Fitness, Inc. at: 816-454-8858 for all your lawn care needs in Kansas City Northland. Whether you're looking for commercial or residential lawn care services, everyone can benefit from a professional consultation and lawn care estimate. Though there are numerous reasons you should invest in regular lawn maintenance, we've whittled it down [...]

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4 Benefits of a Lawn Mowing Company in Gladstone, MO

Lawn Fitness, Inc. proudly serves the Gladstone area with our full line of lawn mowing services. Call us today at 816-454-8858 for a free estimate! Why Hire A Lawn Mowing Service? Your lawn’s appearance has a great impact on the overall appeal of your home. A well-maintained lawn makes your home look attractive and adds curb appeal. Keeping your yard looking clean and healthy requires a high level of care and maintenance. The best way to attain this desired fresh look is by working with a professional lawn mowing company. Such a service ensures your lawn looks [...]

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Signs It’s Time for a Lawn Mowing Service

Have your friends and family been casually suggesting how easy it is to hire lawn care experts? Maybe you have noticed that your lawn and garden doesn't look as cheerful as it once did. In either case, here are some sure signs it's time for a lawn mowing service to take over: Brown or Patchy Grass Neighbor Complaints Pests Large Property Size Overgrowth Outdated Landscaping Design You’re Tired  Brown or Patchy Grass Take a good look at the lawn. Do you see uneven color, including yellows and browns? Maybe some areas are missing sod altogether due [...]

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